You Are Where You Eat

David Myers Group is committed to giving back to the community. The company’s efforts are focused on global issues that can be addressed on the local level: the health of our planet’s water and the future of our children.

David Myers has a personal passion for water—it is required for every drink he mixes, every dish he makes. The quality of his cuisine depends on the quality of the water in the ecosystems that support life. His restaurants rely on clean water supplies to local farms and healthy aquatic habitats for the fish and fowl he serves. David is also an avid surfer, and spends much of his free time in the ocean, riding waves off Malibu and Venice beaches.

In Heal the Bay, David has found kindred spirits. Heal the Bay is an environmental group dedicated to cleaning up the Santa Monica Bay. This 25-year-old non-profit does both hands-on work, such as beach cleaning day, and political actions like forcing waste treatment plants and oil refineries to abide by strict anti-pollution standards. Heal the Bay is one of the most successful grassroots organizations in California.

Despite its staggering accumulation of wealth, Los Angeles has one of the worst school systems in the United States. It’s a stunning and depressing fact and something that Kipp LA wants to change. Kipp LA is a tuition-free public charter school committed to getting all of its students to college. In a city where many kids can’t read at grade level, this is an ambitious goal, which is exactly what attracted David to the organization. From the minute David walked through the halls of the school he was hooked. The place exuded excellence. Kipp LA has passionate staff, encouraging setting and an unwavering commitment to delivering quality education in East and South Los Angeles.